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Finland wants 15,000 international students, 30,000 workers a year by 2030

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  • Finland wants 15,000 international students, 30,000 workers a year by 2030
  • July 19, 2023

Finland is looking to attract 15,000 international students a year by 2030 and increase the level of work-based migration to 30,000 per year.

“The Finnish society is ageing; therefore, the country needs more young people to join the labour market,” Glenn Gassen, Director of Immigration Affairs, Helsinki, told TOI in an interview.

“We see India as one of our focus countries and want to intensify our partnership,” he added. “India has a growing young population, and a lot of untapped talent and Finland has had excellent experiences with Indian students, researchers, entrepreneurs, and professionals. There is an active Indian business community across Finland, and we have seen that Indian newcomers integrate quickly and emerge very successful.”

“There are open positions across many sectors, for example, the healthcare and elderly care is on a lookout for workers. Similarly, several manufacturing industries is hoping to get international skilled labour,” Gassen said.

Finland attracts top talent from around the world to its knowledge-intensive industries- mostly from the US and the UK.

Finland is home to many high-tech companies dealing with new-age, future technologies such as cyber security, AI, quantum, new space, health, creative industries, biotech, or materials.

Specific industries in Finland that lack a workforce are the IT and data sector, early education, and administrative support. The nursing and STEM-specifically related to sustainable development and the environment sectors, have shortages in their specific sections of the labour market.

“To compete at the global level, these companies need the best talent. These growth drivers offer existing job opportunities because Finland is well-known for its progressive innovation landscape,” Gassen said.

Aspirants can explore the Helsinki Exposed portal to get details on jobs in IT companies, healthcare and other sectors.

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