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International Technical Education & Vocational Training Programme in Malaysia (INVITE) is aninnovative initiative developed with the aim of preparing technical and vocational training graduates with competencies for both Malaysian and International students.

INVITE is designed to provide comprehensive skills including technical skills, communication language skills, office administrative technological skills and knowledge of running a business. Armed with these skills, trainees are prepared for eventual and successful employment as skilled employees or as entrepreneurs.

The SkillsMalaysia INVITE Internship Programme offers trainees a unique experience to receive firsthand experience in their related trade learnt at the accredited centre. The programme bridges the gap between trainees and “real-life” practice. The internship is offered either at the end of the course or concurrently when trainees are undergoing classroom training.

The internship process is accredited, audited and certified by the Accredited Training Centres and the Government of Malaysia.


  • Create and provide a new dimension of learning skills for school leavers and adult learners who are not academically inclined
  • Offer Malaysian and International Vocational skill qualifications
  • Prepare Malaysian and International students for skills-based employment
  • Allow trainees to learn entrepreneurial skills
  • Provide opportunities for trainees to obtain gainful employment as skilled employees or entrepreneurs


  • Qualifications are recognised by Malaysian and international certification bodies
  • Training will be undertaken at one of the biggest Training Centres in the country with highly trained, experienced and dedicated trainers and staff
  • Trainees will also benefit from the campus experience with exposure to personal development and living skills
  • Trainees will undertake accredited, audited and certified internships with recognised companies in Malaysia
  • SkillsMalaysia INVITE boasts corporate links with industry partners.